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19 Mar 2020

Several uncontrolled problems take place in our bodies. Moreover, all these problems can be treated efficiently with the help of several medicines easily. But here in this article, we are going to talk about one of such problem, and that is seizures.

So, if you are also facing this problem or you want to know more about this problem, it's treatment methods and many more such things, then do follow this article till the end. Along with that, there are several medicines with the help of which we can treat seizures attacks, but here we are going to discuss one of the best and most effective medicine for this problem.

The medicine we are going to discuss about in this article is Clonazepam. Here in this article, we will...

24 Feb 2020

"Anxiety is spreading as fast as the fire in some dry forest," say some researchers. It has been observed that 1 out of 3 people suffers from anxiety issues. For most of us, anxiety is just like that uninvited guest who refuses to go even after many attempts of insult. If we look around carefully, we are surrounded by people who are always worried about one or the other thing, and their anxiety keeps on growing. Family members, friends, and society around us all are stuck in some problems, and anxiety or stress can be seen clearly on their faces. 

 A fit of anxiety happens on account of elevated nervousness; this is known as a panic attack. Anybody can have a fit of anxiety. However, it additionally can be a side effect of...

24 Sep 2019

Seizures are a prevalent problem among all age groups and are related to the brain. When sudden and abnormal activity grasps the brain, then seizures take place. But, usually, when an individual thinks of seizure, their mind goes into convulsions in which abrupt movement of the body take uncontrollable place.

If the seizures occur for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then it will not last any kind of harm, but if it exceeds that is longer than 5 minutes, then you have to consult the doctor immediately. Clonazepam 2mg is also available, which is as same which is sold in India.

Its causes are: -

·        High fever

·        Medications

·        Head injuries

·        Maybe the varied type of diseases



19 Sep 2019

Xanax is the trade name of Alprazolam which has uses in clinical psychology. It is commonly used to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and to treat panic disorders.


How does Xanax works?

Mainly Xanax helps to slow down brain activity to give a calming effect. The neurotransmitters present inside the brain are types of chemicals that function to maintain the mental health of a person. GABA is a neurotransmitter that carries the job of maintaining the mood changes and presence makes drastic effects on our mood and health. If GABA neurotransmitters are present in more quantity, we tend to feel anxious. The active ingredient of Xanax is Alprazolam, which binds with the GABA receptors for the stimulation of more GABA...