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12 Aug 2020

What is Diazepam used for?

Diazepam is used to treat severe anxiety. Anxiety is an emotional state associated with symptoms such as sweating, trembling, restlessness, or agitation. The cause of severe anxiety is much more serious than the normal stress of daily life. Diazepam is also used to treat seizures or fits, panic attacks, muscle spasm due to tetanus or poisoning, confusional states, anxiety, trembling, or confusion associated with alcohol withdrawal.

Diazepam is also used to ease the stiffness in muscles and treat muscle spasms that may occur due to injury and conditions like paraplegia and cerebral palsy. Diazepam works by boosting the activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. In this way it controls the excess activity of the nerve cells in the brain, thus imparting a calming or relaxing effect. As it provides a relaxing effect it can also be used to calm the patients before any minor surgery or procedure.

How long does it take for Diazepam to start working?

The working of Diazepam depends on what you're taking it for. If you are taking it to treat anxiety, it may start working within a few hours making you feel better. To show its full effects, it takes one to two weeks after you take it regularly. If you are taking it to relax stiffness in the muscles due to a spasm, you may notice a difference after 15 minutes. Similarly, in case of fits or convulsions, rectal tubes are used and they start to work within 10 minutes.

How to take Diazepam?

The usual recommended dosage of Diazepam depends on various factors which include the medical condition for which it is given, the age of the patient, and his response to the treatment.

The doctor prescribes for anxiety and seizures, 2-10 mg dose of oral diazepam to be taken 2-4 times daily. Make sure you take it each day at the same time. The prescribed rectal dose is 0.2-0.5 mg/kg which may vary according to the patient’s age. Take the medicine regularly to get the most benefit from it.

Patients with abnormal kidney functioning are recommended to take comparatively lower doses of diazepam as it can have harmful effects on kidneys. The doctor increases the dosage carefully to avoid any undesirable or adverse effects.

Can I buy Diazepam online?

Yes, you can easily buy Diazepam online on our website. We have made online buying easy and convenient for you. The procedure to buy your medicine online is simple. Diazepam 10mg for sale is available . Diazepam is the most effective drug for treating symptoms of anxiety. Buy Diazepam for sale online at the best prices. Place an order for Diazepam online on our website and get overnight delivery at your doorsteps.


What precautions are to be taken while using Diazepam?

Before taking Diazepam, you should inform your doctor if you suffer from any of the medical conditions which may include a history of an allergic reaction to any benzodiazepine( such as alprazolam (Xanax), etc), kidney or liver disease, depression or mental illness, epilepsy(convulsions), muscle weakness, high or low blood pressure, glaucoma (high pressure in the eye), lung disease, suicidal thoughts, narrow-angle glaucoma, history of alcohol or drug addiction, muscle weakness, etc.

Does Diazepam cause sleepiness?

Yes, diazepam causes sleepiness. This is a very common symptom you may notice after using Diazepam. It causes drowsiness which may affect your attentiveness. When you feel drowsy you are not able to focus properly and feel like sleeping. You should not indulge in any activity that requires you to be alert such as driving or operating machinery. Avoid such activities as it may lead to serious injury. In some cases, drowsiness lasts until the next day.

Can I stop taking Diazepam if I start feeling better?

No, you should not stop taking Diazepam suddenly even if you experience improvement in your condition. Abrupt discontinuation of the medicine can cause several withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness, diarrhea, irritability, sweating, depression, upset stomach, or difficulty in sleeping. Suddenly stopping the treatment may even cause the symptoms of anxiety again. You may notice certain behavioral or mood changes, restlessness, agitation, changes in the sleep cycle, or anxiety.


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